European Citizenship

Starting from 19 March 2014, the Investment Citizenship programme of Cyprus, allows the non- Europeans to obtain the Cypriot Citizenship (European Passport) by investing in the economy of Cyprus.

‘‘Cyprus Citizenship is a full Citizenship of the EU-member states’’



  • Invest minimum €2m (+ V.A.T. if applicable)
    • Invest in real estate, land development and infrastructure projects of at least €2m
    • Investment in financial assets of Cypriot companies or organizations of at least €2m
    • Investment in Alternative Investment Funds of financial assets of Cypriot companies/organizations that are licensed by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission of at least €2m
    • Investment in government bond up to €500,000
    • Combination of the above criteria
  • Acquire a Permanent privately – owned residence in Cyprus
    • The residence must be at least €500,000 (+ V.A.T.)
    • The investment in residence can be part of the investment of €2m
    • The investor must hold possession of the residence for life
  • Citizenship is granted to the whole family
    • Investor’s spouse/partner
    • Depended children up to the age of 18
    • Adult financially depended children that are students up to the age of 28 and children with severe physical/mental disability that prohibits employment
    • The investor’s parents are also entitled to apply citizenship by exception provided that they own a lifetime residence of at least €500,000 (+ V.A.T.). The investor and his/her parents may collectively acquire one residential property of a total value of at least €1m (+V.A.T.)


Major Benefits of The Programme

  • A fast-track procedure that takes only 6 months (the fastest in Europe)
  • Investor is entitled to sell its investment after 3 years, however, he/she must hold possession of the residential property
  • No requirement to reside in Cyprus either before, during or after the approval of the citizenship application
  • VISA- free travel to 157 countries worldwide, including the European Union countries, Canada and Australia amongst other
  • All the rights of an EU citizen protected by EU legislation and regulation include the following: freedom to reside, work, do business, study and travel
  • Numerous education options in the European universities which feature lower tuition fees

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