Paphos is a popular and charming town situated on the southwest end of the Cyprus Island. For centuries has been the cultural hub of the island and until today, has managed to retain much of the traditional Cypriot charm and character.
Paphos offers a pure experience to live. From the rural villages surrounding Paphos down to the harbor, you will receive a warm welcome and a cordially hospitality by the friendly locals. In the city center, the paces of life are vivid with locals and thousands of tourists doing their activities throughout the year.

The culture
Myths and lores are vivid in Paphos from the ancient time. It is said that Aphrodite Rock in Paphos, is the mythical birthplace of Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love and Beauty. The Greeks agreed that Aphrodite had landed at the site of Paphos when she rose from the sea. The Tomb of the Kings, Roman mosaics and Paphos Medieval castle are also some of the rich cultural heritage of Paphos, attracting visitors from around the world.

Life in Paphos
Paphos is a jewel in the Mediterranean. Beautiful, crystal clear waters, captivating landscapes, coupled with sunshine and blue skies make Paphos a tempting destination to live in.
In the old town, many original qualities and customs still exist. Shopping for the freshest fruit and vegetables is still done in the morning at the very busy market place. Combining the old with the new, brings you down to Kato (lower) Paphos where you will find a buzzing array of bars, restaurants and shops surrounding the delightful harbor.

Paphos also offers a various activities to enjoy. Water-sports facilities including diving, jet-skiing and sailing. Road trips and nature walks to Akamas Peninsula- a protected nature reserve of outstanding beauty with unique flora, fauna and wildlife. Prestigious top class golf courses in landscaped hills with spectacular views. Wine tours to Paphos villages, horse riding and many other activities that suite to everyone preference.

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