Permanent Residency

The Cyprus Permanent Residency (PR) programme is the best and fastest way for all third country nationals to obtain a permanent residency in Cyprus


Financial Criteria

  • Purchase a residential property of at least €300,000 (+V.A.T.)
    • Deposit minimum capital of €30,000 into a bank account in Cyprus which will be pledged for a period of at least three years
    • Provide evidence of a secure annual income of at least €30,000 (+ €5,000 for every depended person- spouse and children –and €8,000 for every dependent parent-in-law)
    • Together with the application submission must be a payment receipt of at least €200,000 (+V.A.T.)
  • Immigration Permit is granted to the whole family 
    • Investor’s spouse
    • Financially depended children (up to the age of 18 or between 18-25, provided that they are unmarried, students) upon payment of the relevant fee
    • Investor’s parents/parents-in-law, upon payment of the relevant fee
    • Non- financially dependent child of the investor, over the age of 18, provided that the market value of the acquired real estate attributed to each child is at least €300,000 (+V.A.T.)


  • Holders of an Immigration Permit must visit Cyprus once every two years


  • The Immigration Permit does not allow the undertaking of any form of employment


  • Immigration Permit is issued within 2-3 months


  • Life- long validity without renewal

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